The stationery japanese is named literally " bunbôgu ", but in the trade, the term "stationery" is used. The use of paper in Japan dates back to the period Yamato, when the art of calligraphy and origami became ubiquitous.
Stationery japanese is renowned for its delicacy and its strength. The japanese craftsmanship is revealed in the stationery japanese through the fineness and the precision of the details.
Our entire range of japanese products is of a remarkable quality. Those japanese pictures are designed for everyday use and long-term. Scissors, staplers, pens, pens, pencil cases, leather ... Made in japan offers you articles essential to the art of stationery in japan, made in Japan and imported into France.

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Scissors japanese steel These japanese scissors are made of stainless steel. They have been designed by the company Craft Design Technology in the spirit of a samurai sword. Its sharp blades allow a clean and precise cut. You can use them to cut your sheets of paper, packaging of food products, ... This object in a traditional japanese is all-terrain !...

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Stapler japan To not lose any document and be sure to find them in order, we offer you this japonaiserie original. Small, it does not take much space on your desk or in your drawer. Thanks to its angled design is unique, it fits perfectly in your hand and becomes almost an object of decoration. Available in white and black, it will integrate perfectly in...

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Pencil case in leather This beautiful case is genuine leather (the pens and pencils are not supplied, but you can find it on our site). Treated to age gracefully, this article japanese will follow you wherever you want to take it. Designed by the japanese company Craft Design Technology, and selected for you by Made in Japan, it can hold up to 5 pens and...

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Pen pen japanese This pen has a nib made of soft plastic, making the writing enjoyable. It is equipped with the innovative system of ink capillary Pentel, which allows the ink to flow evenly to each plot. You can use it on a daily basis for the drafting of your documents, your think-beasts, your races...The pen not hanging the paper, write to your speed...

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Pen pen japanese Pen 4 colours and modern, this japanese product cheap is able to erase what you write. For this, you just have to rub it against the word or the letter that you want to make it disappear. The heat generated by the friction erases the ink. The ink thermoresponsive gel lightens and the words disappear completely. Unlike other pens, erasers,...

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