Japanese teas

Imported from China in the twelfth century, Japanese tea is mainly associated with a fine green tea powder called Matcha tea which is one of the favorite drinks of the Japanese. This tea is mainly tasted during the traditional tea ceremony in Japan. Japanese matcha tea has many virtues. It has been considered for a long time by the Samurai as a medicine. It contains many beneficial elements that allow it to be endowed with important nutritional quality, and thus strengthen the immune system, fight against cholesterol but also to prevent cancer and aging of the skin.

Matcha kyoto japanese sachet 30 gr The matcha green tea refers to the tea powder obtained by grinding the leaves between two millstones. We use this tea mainly for tea ceremonies, but it is also very appreciated at other times of the day, alone or accompanied by a delicious pastry ! It is also used as dye or natural flavor with foods such as mochi, soba,...

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