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If you are looking for an original gift for a fan of Japanese tableware, you have come to the right place! Made in Japan has made you a selection dedicated to Japanese gifts that includes all the traditional and authentic dishes directly from Japan! Christmas is approaching so let yourself be seduced by our bowls, plates or even tea cups created thanks to the know-how of Japanese master craftsmen and offering perfect quality and a wide variety of colors and patterns.

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Simple, clean lines and an elegant design characterize this pretty salad bowl. Its soft white color and a few hints of brown give it an irresistible contemporary air. Lovers of good dishes and modern Japanese tableware will find in this accessory the ideal ally to make beautiful salads or accompany their rice with vegetables or meats. There japanese...

23,50 €

The tea boxes allow you to keep your leaves and bags away from light, heat and moisture. Leaves and sachets thus keep all their aromas. And your favorite hot drink delivers in the mouth all the subtleties that you like. If you like to practice the tea ceremony, put down your tea leaves japanese green tea in the hollow of this box. You are sure to never...

22,80 €

Our master craftsmen are proud to present this set of 4 asanoha cups. Their pattern gives an air of modernity, while it expresses Japanese classicism in terms of ornamentation. The pretty colors of these cups infuse a good mood and lightness into your tasting moments. The red, black, green and blue of these japanese tea cups easily match the colors of...

52,50 €

Made in Japan is proud to offer you this beautiful bowl. Its raw appearance makes it a trendy object that you will enjoy showing on your table. Its size allows you to serve almost everything: soups, cereals for the morning or your rice and its meat. This rice bowl, in addition to satisfying the appetites of your guests, will amaze them with the pattern...

22,50 €

To complete your set of tableware, japanese, drink your coffee, enjoy your cereal or warm up with your soup in the super bowl to the gross appearance. The material gives the impression of having been barely worked. In the palm of your hands, you will feel all the roughness of this material. The deep black gives your bowl a japanese one looks elegant,...

16,50 €

This beautiful bowl green decor, lightweight, thin, and spring makes it elegant any of your culinary preparations ! Finely drawn and coloured, the flowers of sakura give authenticity to your dishes. This dish can serve you rice bowl japanese. Its large capacity allows all of the food to serve generous portions. And a second helping if needed ! You can...

8,50 €

This pretty bowl japanese ceramic is blowing a wind of spring on your dishes, your table and your meal ! Green in color, this piece does not contradict the respect and love of the artisans of japan for nature. You can use this bowl to drink your soup hot, eat your cereal, or your noodles. The shape of the bowl allows you a good grip. Wear easily into...

15,50 €

This delicate spoon japanese ceramic offers a form and a design that is sleek. Reduced to the minimalism of the more strict, with its curved lines give it an air decidedly modern. The shape of the spoon allows it to hold in your hand. Also, you can drink your soup easily. The end "folded-back" of the handle rests on your finger, and you enjoy a...

6,50 €

This beautiful bowl awayuki meets the aesthetic criteria of modernity. Its black body and white cloud of snow on the top make it a piece of dishware design. This large bowl japanese will delight lovers of dishes typical of the japanese. The ceramic used in the manufacture of this bowl awayuki gives him a big robustness. It is neither the stripes nor the...

14,50 €

You love the japanese cuisine and would like to serve generous portions at all meals ? So our large bowl japanese has a right to its place in your closet ! Its diameter allows you to serve large portions. This type of dish is ideal for japanese noodles. This bowl of japanese ramen you will leave the place to catch your food with your chopsticks or fork....

14,50 €

This sublime teapot cast iron japanese will make you want to drink tea more often ! Its floral pattern slightly raised, to the gold color, gives a lot of elegance to this object. Placed on a table, your new teapot is transformed into a real accessory of decoration, whatever the style of your decor. The interior enamel of your teapot keeping your water at...

129,00 €

This very pretty tea box japanese will crack all lovers of animals ! With her head cat very cute and fun colors, this little object puts the fantasy in your interior decoration. With such a design, it would be a shame to leave this box in your closet ! This design, very characteristic of Japan, is called " Maneki neko ". The interior of this box is tin....

9,50 €

Fall for these wonderful tea cups japanese ! Their gross appearance will bring a touch of authenticity to your moments of tasting. All five bi-color, our cups have a modern look and rebel in the upper part, and a lower half, more wise, more smooth and more homogeneous. Suffice to say that your service ware is going to see all the colors ! Under the cup,...

10,50 €

This bowl japanese , offers a wide diameter. You can have your food next to each other without blending them, if you prefer the flavors don't "déteignent" not the one on the other. The appearance of this bowl, a little " grainy ", in fact, a piece of dishware modern. Its simple form makes design and practice. Pay Attention to your hands if it contains...

16,50 €

Check out one of our most beautiful teapots japanese traditional. His sleeve, in the image of those that you can find in Japan, can take your coffee well in hand, and pour your hot water in a cup or in a mug. The spout outside of the teapot you can avoid putting water everywhere ! This japanese teapot includes a filter inside encrusted. Both are...

78,00 €

Intended to satiate the pus big appetite, or prepare their food, condiments and other seasonings, this bowl "suribachi" lends itself to all your uses. Diameter 19,50 cm, it is the kitchen accessory perfect for crushing sesame seeds. This bowl japanese porcelain shows resistant to the extremes of temperature, to heat, to cold, to the uses and washings...

32,50 €

This pretty tea cup japanese offers you a look ultra-modern ! With his look dented, its shades of white and brown, her "painting" the red way " paintings of neolithic pottery, this piece offers a nice touch of modernity to your tableware ! The look is absolutely modern this small cup rejuvenates the idea that one can make a tea or a tea ceremony ! With...

15,00 €

This cute little cat to guard all of your savings and warm ! Regarded in Japan as a lucky charm, it is supposed to bring you good fortune and prosperity thanks to his raised leg. This charming japonaiserie is available in two colors : white and red. Le chat rouge will appeal to the enthusiast.e.s. Its bright color allows to find quickly in your interior...

16,00 €

This bowl look atypical has everything to seduce those who love the dishes original. Her curves are irregular, make him one of the most design of your service dishes. The different shades of colors, inside and outside of the bowl, contribute to making this bowl a unique piece. Your meal will be all the more enjoyable as you take in a dish that awakens...

27,50 €

For all lovers of beautiful dishes from japan, here are two beautiful pieces to add to your collection. The contrast of the black, blue and white gives an object that has character and that easily integrates in any interior. The generous size of these large plates allows you to (you) to be beautiful units. Thanks to their curved shape, pour the sauce...

83,50 €

This beautiful plate will make your table and your meal unforgettable. Its colors give the impression that she is transparent. What will be the most beautiful effect when you have placed your entries above ! Thanks to their look, this base unit does honor to the dishes of japanese design. If the blue belongs to the tradition of the japanese, the form and...

37,00 €

It looks like this sublime bowl black lid, straight out of another dimension ! Their faceted surface sign in a modern design ambitious. This is the piece of tableware perfect for out of the paths of the japanese decor classic. The rebels will love it ! The color black, which is rare in ornamentation traditional, will significantly with a table in light...

13,50 €

Any appetizer, any salad would not want to be presented.e in a pretty bowl ? The deep blue gives this dinnerware an air of elegant. The small white flowers enhance everything and bring a touch vegetal, a theme dear to the hearts of the Japanese. Built in japanese ceramics, this bowl is very durable. The quality of the material is assured by the...

19,00 €

Plate porcelain sakura japanese This plate of japanese-style adopts it as his summer look with its multitude of small, colourful flowers. The architect behind this implementation respects the tradition and culture of the japanese, who have long appreciated this pattern and these colors for the decoration of the dishes. Many and thick, the flowers will be...

11,50 €

Medium bowl in the unit, cherry blue This bowl of japanese ceramics proudly bears a beautiful pattern of cherry white on a background of a deep blue. It is part of the tradition and culture of the japanese, who have always preferred these 2 colors for the decoration of the dishes. The contrast of the white on blue will magnify the dressing of your table...

15,00 €

Dish Japanese sushi Formerly, we used this dish to serve sushi. Today, it is used to present small dishes served as input. Sometimes it even accompanies the desserts. The only limit will be your creativity and your mastery of the cuisine in japan ! This japanese dish, sushi at the edges slightly curved is adorned with a traditional decoration in blue on...

15,00 €

Tea box japanese kabuki These tea tins - original available on their flanks, the presence of characters of traditional japanese theatre. "Kabuki" refers to a theatrical genre of japanese traditional music and dances. The characters depicted on the boxes are inspired by japanese prints known. The excellent preservation of your tea is provided by the metal...

12,50 €

Chopsticks japanese wagokoro These chopsticks japanese led him to the simplicity of the object a touch of undeniable modernity ! A condition to be trained or to manifest some natural ability, they will help you catch them with elegance and chic to your ramen, your sushi, or your noodles. Embellished with the colours used in the decoration of dishes, blue...

17,00 €

Bowls japanese rustic These 5 very pretty ceramic bowls japanese surprise by the originality of their beauty. Each one in a different color, they bring a touch of color to your table. The aspect of " raw ", resolutely trend in decoration, gives the impression of a unique piece. Experts and novices of the art of the table, the japanese will find their...

77,00 €

The hashi, or chopsticks, japanese, measure approximately 20 cm. This is an average because, in practice, their length depends on the user. Several customs are associated with this traditional object. Perhaps would it be better to know before you use them in front of a japanese... ! The elegance and distinction of this gorgeous dark red does is bound to...

4,00 €

- Pair of chopsticks black, motif balloons The hashi, or chopsticks, japanese, measure twenty centimetres. This is an average because, in practice, their length depends on the user. Several customs are associated with this traditional object. Perhaps would it be better to know before you use them in front of a japanese... ! The elegance and sobriety of...

4,00 €

Bowls japanese ramen big This beautiful set contains 5 bowls of japanese ramen. The ramen are japanese dishes that are very popular, consisting of pasta bathed in a soup of fish or meat. Compounds of japanese porcelain, these bowls weigh a certain weight. They agree, however, to a daily use. The ornamental motifs of this kind are commonly found on dishes,...

81,50 €

Plates to the unit - choice of 2 colours These 2 plates japanese décoreront your table with discretion. Decorated with hatch marks made with blue ink, they are the basis of all service ware. They have been selected by Made in Japan after a meeting with the artisan, directly in his workshop, in order to offer you products manufactured in the respect of...

19,50 €

Set of chopsticks with a spoon, japanese wood We offer this set consisting of a spoon and a pair of chopsticks in japanese. Available in 2 colours, beige and black, you will become indispensable quickly to enjoy your meal. Elegant, understated and timeless, it will allow you to bring a small touch of japanese to your table and serve your guests accustomed...

9,50 €

Cups turquoise japanese This beautiful turquoise color adds an air of modernity to your tea service ! The lines of these tea cups japanese play the card of streamlined design, got rid of the handles, as has always been the culture in japan. Lovers of hot tea will take care not to burn. Constructed of ceramic, these cups remain strong and not lose anything...

43,00 €

Tea box round, japanese Lovers of the pleasures of tea to enjoy the aesthetics of this little box of japanese tea. Subscribing to the customs rooted in the japanese artisan, master craftsmen have selected the floral for ornementer this piece. Finely painted, the box can also serve as a decorative element to your interior. Which may contain 50 to 60 grams...

8,50 €

Plate Japanese graphic pattern These plates with graphic patterns décoreront your table with elegance and personality. Painted in 4 different designs : Hanakiko, Sachiko, Snow or Rectangle, they have been chosen for the methods of work of the artisans and the quality of their drawings. They have been manufactured in the city of Toki, near the prefecture...

19,00 €
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This set of 3 Karakusa salad bowls offers a harmonious and elegant mix between ancestral traditions and modernity. The classic colors of Japanese ornamentation, white and blue offer the salad bowls an unmistakable aesthetics. Mixed with pieces with a more western look and similar colors, they bring a taste of exoticism to your table. The capacity of these...

76,50 €
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Face the force of the waves and go to meet the magnificent blue whale! Hidden at the very bottom of your bowl, it gradually reveals itself to those who eat your vegetables, your rice, who drink your soup. A great argument to help children eat their vegetables! This japanese ceramic bowl ensures you a great solidity. The paints and porcelain resist time,...

12,50 €
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Large mug japanese range This great mug japanese ceramic will be the companion of choice for your mornings or your breaks in the afternoon. It will keep your tea or coffee warm until you have finished the drink. His motive to fans is reminiscent of the traditional Japan. Painted in blue and green, he recalled, despite himself, the colors of the ocean and...

22,00 €
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Tea cup yunomi black This very elegant black color adds an air of modernity to your tea service ! The uneven lines of this tea cup japan play the card of true japanese design, stripped of its cove west. The cups the traditional japanese are indeed lacking. Lovers of hot tea will take care not to burn. The term "Yunomi" is a reference to the shape of the...

11,50 €
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If you are looking for an original gift for a fan of Japanese tableware, you have come to the right place! Made in Japan has made you a selection dedicated to Japanese gifts that includes all the traditional and authentic dishes directly from Japan! Christmas is approaching so let yourself be seduced by our bowls, plates or even tea cups created thanks to the know-how of Japanese master craftsmen and offering perfect quality and a wide variety of colors and patterns.