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Bowl japanese tokusa

This small bowl japanese at the current pattern and trend will fit easily in with the other pieces of your dinnerware set. The colours used for its decoration, the white and the blue will bring out the dark colors of the services simple, and adouciront the more vibrant colors.

The inside of the bowl shows the pattern as a design hypnotic : the dotted lines get closer to each other, more and more tight. What to do its small effect with your guests when the bowl will be empty!!!

The artisans at the origin of this bowl ramen japanese place a high importance on the quality of their product, also Made in Japan a-t-he selected this set, available in 6 different sizes and shapes, to assist you in everyday life.

Hauteur : 7,1 cm
Diamètre : 15,4 cm
Ceramic-porcelain -


Blue and white
Hand wash
the room
Bowl the unit karakusa