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Check out this pretty set of two japanese ceramic bowls. Decorated with pretty blue umbrellas, they bring a note of freshness to your table. And with a little luck, they will attract the sun to you!

The umbrellas are reminiscent of Japanese traditions, as is the deep blue that colors them. The color is also reminiscent of the ocean. Nature being dear to the Japanese, this bowl is a true tribute to the values of Japan.

The flared shape of the top of the bowl facilitates its grip. Its allure resolutely anchors it in the modern, contemporary tableware that our Japanese master craftsmen are so fond of.

This japanese ramen bowls resistant to hot, cold and dishwasher. So you can use them regularly. Japanese ceramics are indeed very resistant. This is explained by its manufacturing method: the ceramic is brought to a very high temperature, and then cooled abruptly. 

Sold in pairs.

Made in Japan.

Hauteur : 8 cm
Diamètre : 19 cm
Ceramic-porcelain -


Blue and white
Hand wash
Cardboard box
Set of 2 umbrella bowls