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Forget knives and forks and eat with these pretty japanese chopsticks ! This lot consists of 5 colorful and decorated pairs. You will have a choice of 5 cheerful and modern colors: black, red, white, orange and green.

In the upper part of the baguette, delicate illustrations typical of the Japanese way of life testify to the know-how of our master craftsmen. These iconic characters will accompany you with gusto during all your meals!

Thanks to these chopsticks, eat your noodles, fish pieces and other rice with class!

Amateurs will easily take up the game with finely crafted tools in hand.

This japanese chopsticks can also be used to eat Western food.

Once you have cleaned them, store them in their nice box. Preserved from light and dust, the colors remain vibrant and the drawings clearly visible.

Made in Japan.



Longueur : 22,50 cm
Wood, Bambous


Multi colors
Hand wash
Coffret bois
Chopsticks set with wooden box