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Tisanière japanese porcelain

For the preparation of infusions, this tisanière and his little cat to the balloons will take off thanks to its ease of use. You only have to remove the filter to drink your potion.

In japanese porcelain, this tisanière guarantees you a lifetime of the quasi-infinite. Modern and practical, she went to the microwave and the dishwasher without alteration of the pattern or color. Ideal when you do not want to invest in the dish too often !

Making office tea cup japanese, it will keep your liquid warm during your tasting.

In our parts sold to the unit, you will find small and plates that will allow you to accompany your brew of cakes and other delicacies.

Tisanière made in Japan.

Suitable for children and adults (be careful of the handling of the filter for children)

Hauteur : 10 cm
Diamètre : 8.40 cm
Ceramic-porcelain -


Multi colors
the room
Tisanière cat ball