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Mug japanese grand arabesque

The association of the colours of this very pretty mug will help wake you up gently thanks to its elegant presence and its capacity !

The arabesques painted on the japanese ceramics give this mug an on-trend look, and timeless. Souls creative may try to reproduce this pattern on a corner of the tablecloth !

Painted in blue and green, this pattern original echoed the colors of the decoration, classical japanese, adding to the trend of its styling.

The use of ceramic and stoneware ensures you a product resistant to the weather. No risk of ceramic cracking or the loop will break.

The shape of this mug in japanese ceramics is not common in Japan. It is intended for lovers of dishes of japanese outside the country. In Japan, it is sold as a tankard of beer. You have to see to what use you want the book !

Hauteur : 13 cm
Diamètre : 8,6 cm


the room
Mug japanese grand arabesque

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