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These are two very beautiful tea cups japanese of wood blow an air of modernity to your service ware. Solid-color, they are easily integrated into your interior.

Their perfect curves and pure, without any designs or embellishments, make this two-piece design. Without handle, they follow the japanese code. Because the cups japanese do not have a handle.

Thanks to their shape " round ", each cup conforms to the shape of your palm. These two stylish japanese products wood will quickly become your accomplices favorite during cold evenings of yesterday !

Designed in compliance with the finest materials and beautiful objects by our master craftsmen, these two cups are not subjected to the vagaries of time. Strong, they are resistant to the uses and washings daily.

When you don't use, you can store them in your closet, or leave their sleek design to decorate your kitchen.

Hauteur : 11,50 cm
Diamètre : 7 cm


Hand wash
Cardboard box
Cups high wood