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Mug pattern flowers

The term mug refers to the cylindrical container above a cup, in which we can drink our hot drinks.

On this pretty mug japanese, the pattern, represented equally on the entire outside of the piece, reminiscent of the flowers that the japanese like to contemplate in nature. Painted in blue and white, they go back to their account the usual colors of the ornamentation in japanese, adding to the trend of their stylization. The use of ceramic for the body of the mug and the sandstone for its base you are assured of a product resistant to the weather.

The shape of this mug in japanese ceramics is not common in Japan. It is intended for lovers of dishes of japanese outside the country. Elsewhere, in Japan, this kind of mugs replaces the beer steins !

Hauteur : 8.8 cm
Diamètre : 8.50 cm


Blue and white
Hand wash
the room
Mug Japanese