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This beautiful tokoname teapot will seduce lovers as much as connoisseurs of beautiful Japanese dishes. Its raw material gives an authentic look to the object. From a simple "tool" for preparing tea, this teapot becomes almost an object of art.

Its brown color further reinforces this almost natural side of its look. Serving your hot water has never been so much of a pleasure.

Thanks to the handle with the traditional shape, you never burn yourself, even when your water is very hot. With a capacity of 35 cl, this teapot allows you to fill several mugs without having to reheat water.

The spout makes it easy to pour water, regardless of the shape of your container.

A stainless steel filter, located inside the teapot, allows you to preserve the temperature, aromas and flavors of your favorite drink.

Japanese teapots sold individually.

Made in Japan.

35 centilitres
Terre cuite


Hand wash
Cardboard box
Tokoname teapot