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Made in Japan offers you Japanese plates whose design and decoration will leave no one indifferent. The Japanese plates have the particularity of serving as kitchen utensils, but also objects of decoration thanks to the joyful colors they display. Made in Japan offers a wide range of Japanese ceramic dishes and plates with single items sold in sets of 5 to 8 dishes. Serve your sushi or favorite dishes in Japanese ceramic plates that will give your table unmistakable elegance.

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This very modern set of 3 serving dishes flowers put of the color on your table with its beautiful navy blue ! The color reminds one of the oceans. Ideal to present assortments of seafood or fish. Play the card of contrasts, and serve the rice, cherry tomatoes or carrots on this blue background. Make your set of flat, versatile, and use it as d’plates in...

53,00 €

Because in Japan, the nature holds a significant place in the hearts of the people, our master craftsmen offer you this set of 3 dishes blue with floral pattern. The soft color and the pattern a delicate help to give your table an air of spring. There is no doubt that your food will be as well put in value ! Designed by japanese porcelain, these dishes...

53,00 €

These five dishes decorated as fine as lovely fill of happiness (and belly, too!) lovers of theart of the table japanese. The contrast offered by their two colors in fact with modern accessories and original. There will be, depending on the inclination of his soul, leaves or tentacles. Lay these flat on the table, your lunch, and enjoy the mise en scene :...

85,50 €

This very pretty dish has been specially made for lovers of dishes of japanese design. Its sleek lines make him marry modernity and beauty. Seen from the top, you will have the impression that it contains water ! This optical effect gives him a small side of "nature" that makes her look unique ! You can use this dish on multiple occasions : to present a...

16,00 €

Because the cherry tree represents so beautifully the Japan, master craftsmen in japan have decided to put the spotlight on these two beautiful pieces of crockery. Their soft colours and pleasing will add a touch of elegance to your table. These two plates modern japanese contrast with the dishes more classic the country of the rising sun. They are no...

48,00 €

Your half about sumo or cats that bring good luck ? Your teen is captivated by the manga and not accept to eat that with chopsticks ? Yourself, you are dreaming all day of ramen and noodles ? It is time to make a trip to Japan ! And for that, you don't even need to take plane tickets ! This wonderful piece of dinnerware japanese makes you travel from the...

30,00 €

You don't dream of only one thing : that with the dressing of your table reflects your passion for theart of the table japanese. You love the delicacy of the plates, the shape of elongated sticks and the sweetness of the mixture of the white and the blue. This rectangular dish will satisfy your expectations : it bears the colors traditionally used in...

35,00 €

These 2 plates japanese meet the aesthetic criteria traditional. Thanks to the colors, the white and the blue, often used in the ornamentation in japan, and on the ground in the shape of a star, among others, also highly appreciated in the decoration. Manufactured in japanese porcelain, these 2 plates offer you with an almost unlimited life. They are...

27,00 €

These two plates japanese bring a little of the country of the Rising Sun to your table ! They respect the culture in japan and has the nice mix of white – blue expensive for the ornamentation of the dishes in japan. Designed by japanese porcelain, both of these beautiful pieces show themselves to be robust and resistant. You can use them all day without...

27,00 €

These two beautiful plates of japanese-style bring on your table (or not !) a little bit of Japan. The colors and pattern are an integral part of the culture and tradition of japan. Their shape makes it nevertheless modern pieces. The sleek lines create a beautiful contrast with those of the pattern, tight and repeated. The advantage of the ceramic...

27,00 €

If your wife speaks only of japanese noodles, sushi and sashimi, or that your best friend has eyes for the tempura and the kare raisu, it is high time to offer them this dish ! Made in Japan by our finest craftsmen japanese, it will bring to their meals the key japanese that they are missing so much ! Resolutely design in its lines, curves, and curved,...

14,50 €

She dreams to go to Japan ? He loves the cherry blossoms, the traditional costumes and the tea ceremony ? No doubt, they will love this beautiful square flat midnight blue, made in Japan by master artisans in japanese ! The beautiful shades of blue give this piece of dinnerware japanese a look both modern and traditional. Modern, because it is abstract...

14,50 €

This superb set of 3 feature dishes made honor to the dishes of japanese design. The original form of these pieces, you can present your guests a selection of meats, fish, vegetables or desserts. Placed alone in the middle of the table or in close proximity to each other, these dishes will attract necessarily the eye of your guests ! The choice of the...

51,50 €

This small plate japanese round modernizes your table thanks to its style which combines elegance and simplicity. The alliance elegant black and white transforms this dish into an object of decoration that you will have proudly on your shelf when you're not using it. Its small diameter is ideal to present to your guests of appetizers, small size, cherry...

12,50 €

The excellence of japan expresses its know-how in this set of 3 dishes to sushi ! The green water lined with white and black brings to your table a pleasant smell of iodine. This great combination add a touch to the service of your sushi to your guests. They can even accompany you in your evenings tv, and will be home then your cherry tomatoes or your...

51,00 €

This set of 5 plates offers a delightful mix of modernity and quality. Their raised edges suggest the shape of a seashell. The blue overseas that the dress reminded him of the color of the ocean. The floral pattern is reminiscent of long walks in the countryside. Close your eyes and breathe in, you're on vacation and it feels good ! Thanks to this dish to...

55,50 €

Dish Japanese sushi Formerly, we used this dish to serve sushi. Today, it is used to present small dishes served as input. Sometimes it even accompanies the desserts. The only limit will be your creativity and your mastery of the cuisine in japan ! This japanese dish, sushi at the edges slightly curved is adorned with a traditional decoration in blue on...

15,00 €

Plate Japanese graphic pattern These plates with graphic patterns décoreront your table with elegance and personality. Painted in 4 different designs : Hanakiko, Sachiko, Snow or Rectangle, they have been chosen for the methods of work of the artisans and the quality of their drawings. They have been manufactured in the city of Toki, near the prefecture...

19,00 €

This beautiful plate will make your table and your meal unforgettable. Its colors give the impression that she is transparent. What will be the most beautiful effect when you have placed your entries above ! Thanks to their look, this base unit does honor to the dishes of japanese design. If the blue belongs to the tradition of the japanese, the form and...

37,00 €

Sets of plates cherries blue Invite the spring to take a seat at your table ! These 2 beautiful plates of japanese ceramics are adorned with a beautiful pattern of cherry white on a background of deep blue. They are, thus, the tradition and the culture of the japanese, who have always preferred these 2 colors for the decoration of the dishes. The contrast...

45,50 €

For all lovers of beautiful dishes from japan, here are two beautiful pieces to add to your collection. The contrast of the black, blue and white gives an object that has character and that easily integrates in any interior. The generous size of these large plates allows you to (you) to be beautiful units. Thanks to their curved shape, pour the sauce...

83,50 €

Flat rectangle with base made in Japan The design of this dish allows you to present its food in a traditional way. With four feet, it gives you perfect stability. In the middle or at the end of the table, it will give your dressing a look more solemn and more user-friendly. As it drains, the blue drawing will appear and will carry your guests to the...

30,00 €

Plates to the unit - choice of 2 colours These 2 plates japanese décoreront your table with discretion. Decorated with hatch marks made with blue ink, they are the basis of all service ware. They have been selected by Made in Japan after a meeting with the artisan, directly in his workshop, in order to offer you products manufactured in the respect of...

19,50 €

These 2 plates of japanese-style décoreront your table with a touch of the assumed tradition of japanese modernity. Decorated with the pattern "sachiko" , snow, nami, arrows, or mat, they embellish your table quietly and efficiently. They have been selected by Made in Japan after a meeting with the artisan, directly in his workshop, in order to offer you...

13,50 €

These 2 lovely plates japanese décoreront your table with elegance. Decorated with circular motifs and geometric in dotted lines, these pieces are rather common in Japan. They have been selected by Made in Japan after a meeting with the artisan, directly in his workshop, in order to offer you products manufactured in the respect of customs. Mix of...

45,00 €

Plates Tokusa Japanese Porcelain These 2 plates japanese pattern contemporary will be the final touch to the dressing of your table : the blue and the white, mostly used for the decoration of dishes, will agree to any type of dish, sober or colorful, and will present your dishes in generous portions. Selected with care by your shop Made in Japan, these...

77,00 €

Set of 3 dishes sushi japanese porcelain Once again, the expertise of japan expresses its full potential in this set of 3 dishes to sushi ! Their blue gorgeous turquoise will bring to your table a scent of the ocean and add a touch to the presentation of your sushi to your guests. They can even accompany you in your evenings tv and dress then your snacks...

51,00 €

Sets of plates navy blue This set includes 2 large plates of japanese-style. With a diameter almost 27 cm, you will be able to serve portions more than generous to satisfy the appetites of gargantuan of the most greedy ! This beautiful navy blue color will give a touch of sea to your table. Why don't you use these plates for serving fish ? The absence of...

47,50 €

Plate porcelain sakura japanese This plate of japanese-style adopts it as his summer look with its multitude of small, colourful flowers. The architect behind this implementation respects the tradition and culture of the japanese, who have long appreciated this pattern and these colors for the decoration of the dishes. Many and thick, the flowers will be...

11,50 €

Set plates porcelain japanese pollen This set consists of 5 plates of average size. Colorful, they speak to your guests (or yourself !) that you give importance to your table, prepared especially for them (or for yourself !). Pledge of elegance and lightness, typical of the dishes, japanese-style floral motifs bring on your table the delights of spring...

67,00 €

Set of five dishes floral porcelain Japoanaise Once again, the expertise of japan expresses its full potential with this set of 5 dishes ! Their intelligent mix of white and blue will bring to your table distinction and refinement. It magnifies the presentation of your sushi to your guests. They can even accompany you in your evenings tv and dress then...

64,50 €
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Set of 5 Plates "Pottery Field" This lot of 5 plates of japanese ceramics echoed the style of the " Pottery Field ". Featuring each a unique design and colorful, these pieces of crockery will bring immediately a note of gaiety to your dishes. Ideal to match the colours of the summer or warm up in the dressing of your table in the winter. Carefully...

79,00 €
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Set of 8 cups in porcelain with a wooden box. These cups are for the most part of time used for the soy sauce. The 8 cups each have a different pattern.

53,00 €
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