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The japanese culture is extremely rich and refined. Between the art of the table, from calligraphy and ceramics, Japan has been able to impose itself as a country deeply attached to its heritage. It is distinguished by its many traditions, often expressed through accessories japanese shapes, colors and patterns recognized throughout the world.

Among the accessories traditional japanese, we find the kimonos that are a true symbol of the culture of Japan. The range foldable, used in artistic fields such as dance nihon buyô and the theatre kakubi. The famous lucky japanese Maneki-neko, a statuette of a cat, is also one of the accessories japanese the most popular.

Japanese cuisine, differentiated by its raw foods and tamed through the continents, also knows his accessory japanese lighthouse : the bento. This box is divided into different categories, we can offer a balanced meal in a precise and aesthetic values, to the image of the japanese culture.

The lucky charms japanese

In Japan, the lucky charmsare many and are an integral part of the culture and society. Each lucky japanese has her story : between beliefs, legends and superstitions. They are often represented by a certain object for which the details of colors, shapes and patterns are of paramount importance.

The famous cat Maneki-neko is the most famous of lucky charms in japan, but we can also count among them, the octopus red, which is synonymous with agility, grace and flexibility. The Daruma is also one of the lucky charms japanese the most rooted in japanese culture. This is a figure inspired by the indian monk Bodhidharma, who was wearing a red color dress.

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