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This bowl on the ground asanoha, supposed to ensure a steady and strong growth of the child makes an elegant all your culinary preparations ! Finely drawn and colored, the contours of the hemp leaves give the look of your service dishes.

This piece can serve you rice bowl japanese. Its large capacity allows all of the food to serve reasonable portions. And a second helping if needed ! You can also pour in your rice hot or cold and enjoy your vegetables.

This bowl japanese porcelain ensures a long life and many washes without peeling paint or alter the beauty of the color.

The shape of the bowl allows a good grip. Take care not to burn yourself when you drink a hot liquid.

Choose a hand wash to preserve the quality of the paintings.

Made in Japan.

Hauteur : 5 cm
Diamètre : 11,60 cm


Blue and white
the room
Rice bowl asanoha to the unit